Here you can get a duel disk. We have several types of duel disks. Over time as you gain more KaibaCorp Points, you can trade in your duel disk for a newer version. In the comments section, you may make a purchase.

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KC Mass Production Duel Disk Academia Black KC Anniversary Edition
Cost: 1000 KP Cost: 50 KP Cost: Free
Academy Disk Academy Disk V2 Slifer Red Academy Disk V2 Obelisk Blue BETTER
Academia Standard Academia Red Academia Blue
Cost: Free Cost: 50 KP Cost: 50 KP
Academy Disk V2 Ra Yellow 532px-HaouJadenDuelDisk 532px-DuelDisk3
Academia Yellow Chaos Fang Scythe
Cost: 50 KP Cost: 200 KP Cost: 100 KP
585px-5D's Disk 532px-DuelCoat 264px-Paradox's Duel Disk
5D Next Gen Duel Coat Paradox
Cost: Free Cost: 250 KP Cost: 150 KP
Akiza's Hybrid Duel Disk 475px-Sherry's Duel Disk Chaos Disk Big
Black Rose LeBlanc Orichalcos Blade
Cost:200 KP Cost:150 KP Cost:Out of Stock
Crow Duel Disk Duel Academy Disk 5Ds Duel Disk 1
Blackwing Powertool Yo-Yo
Cost:150 KP Cost:100 KP Cost: 50 KP
Grerimo Jack Duel Disk Jewel Disk
Orichalcos Atlas Jewel
Cost: Out of Stock Cost: 150 KP Cost: 300 KP
KaibamanDuelDisk BCBlue BCRed
Blue Eyes Battle City Blue Battle City Red
Cost: 200 KP Cost: Free Cost: 50 KP
BCYellow BCGold BDDGold
Battle City Yellow KC Anniversary Gold Academia2 Gold
Cost: 50 KP Cost: 250 KP Cost: 250 KP
DAGold BDDSilver DAPsychic
Psychic Gold Academia2 - Silver Psychic
Cost: 250 KP Cost: 250 KP Cost: 250 KP
DAPsychicS DDGold DDIron
Psychic - Silver Different Dimension Gold Different Dimension Iron
Cost: 250 KP Cost: 250 KP Cost: 250 KP
DDSilver EvilDD PentaDD
Different Dimension - Silver KC2 Orichalcos KC2 Black
Cost: 250 KP Cost:300 KP Cost:200 KP
Battle City Black Academia 2 Black D-Pad
Cost: Free Cost: 150 KP Cost: 300 KP