Jonah is a duelist from Neo Domino City. He is a very active kid with a large amount of brains. He used to be a brilliant zoid pilot for the blader andshield liger.
Vital statistics
Title Joan Martinez
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Faction Former Orichalcos
Health good
Level N/A
Status N/A
Location Neo Domino City


He is a mild teenage boy with a liking of zoids. He is a duelist with red markings on his face with his pale peach skin. He wears a red and grey shirt that does not cover his abs and are short sleeved. He wears a blue and brown pants that make him look like a giant.


He is a fun teenager with a tend for reckless behaviour. He used to be a crazed person determined to stop the evil of zoids with his blade and shield liger, but now he changed and became a duelist. He is a very serious person with a joy for winning. he becomes a sore loser when he loses in anything because he loves to win.